President’s Office Mission

The Office of the President at Fairfax University of America has the mission of overseeing the university’s operations, developing university’s local and international relations, and working collaboratively with other departments always abiding by the Board of the Trustees management strategies.

A Message from the President

Dear FXUA Learning Community

It is an exciting time at Fairfax University of America!

We have experienced significant change in our recent past, and we are well positioned to continue providing a high quality education. Since the founding of the university in 1998, our core focus has been on providing a high quality education for students from all across the globe. This continue to be our focus as we enter a new phase in the university’s history. The university will continue to serve its student body by providing educational experiences that enrich their continued intellectual, professional, and personal growth.

As we enter the next chapter in our history, we thank those who came before and continue to work toward perfecting our institution as we work to meet our common mission.

Ahmed Alwani,  Ph.D.

FXUA President