Mission of the Department of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Department of Institutional Effectiveness at Fairfax University of America is to contribute to the fulfillment of the university mission and a culture of continuous improvement by leading and supporting university-wide assessment activities. The office seeks to direct planning, analysis, evaluation, and information dissemination in academic and administrative units through support of university-wide planning and monitoring progress of strategic goals. The office also oversees assessment activities in academic and administrative departments, updates and oversees implementation of the Campus Effectiveness Plan, manages updates to departmental handbooks, manages inventory of surveys, collaborates with outside entities, and maintains and evaluates quality assurance in all departments.

The university understands the importance of offering the best possible student experience. If you have any complaint regarding anything related to FXUA please feel free to read the Student Complaint Procedure.

The maintenance and enhancement of the academic standards of FXUA depend on the commitment of the whole FXUA community and student body as well.

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Mondays: 10 am -12 pm
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Fridays: 2-4 pm

Thank you for helping to make FXUA a better place to work and study!

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Fairfax University of America is always trying to improve and expand upon our services offered to  students, staff, and the outside community.

Your privacy is very important to us – you are not required to fill out your name or e-mail address. However, if you do, a member of FXUA Quality Assurance will get in touch with you regarding your concerns.

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