Applicants for Re-admittance

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Withdrawn Student Re-admission Requirement

Students who have withdrawn from the university in good standing may apply to be re-admitted to the same program from which they withdrew by following the regular admission process defined above, with the addition of a clearly defined Completion Plan. This statement must explain the circumstances behind the initial withdrawal, any mitigating circumstances that have occurred since the withdrawal, how the student intends to overcome any previous obstacles to complete the degree in a timely manner, and a clearly defined anticipated plan for degree completion with timelines and goals. Withdrawn students must meet all admission requirements at the time of their reapplication and would be bound by the program requirements at the time of their readmission under the Academic Catalog at the time of re-entry.

Students who were on an academic warning, or academic probation at the time of their withdrawal, will be placed back on those statuses and the same requirements will apply, upon successful re-admission. Students who were on academic probation will be conditionally accepted with the understanding that the student will submit a revised academic plan, approved by their academic advisor, to the Registrar’s Office to complete enrollment.