Fairfax University of America’s Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts as an active policy-making body for the institution and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of the institution are adequate to provide a sound educational program. The Board of Trustees appoints executive officers who serve the university, carrying out the business and financial operations of the institution.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Hisham Altalib, Ph.D. (CHAIR)

Dr. Altalib holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He founded the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in 1981 and has served on its board and in leadership capacity for the institution. Dr. Altalib provides a variety of high level leadership experiences with non-profits that would give FXUA an edge in developing itself into the future.

Ahmed Alwani, Ph.D. (PRESIDENT OF FXUA)

Dr. Alwani holds a Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He currently serves several non-profit organizations in the capacity of Executive Vice President including the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the Heritage Education trust. He also worked with Fairfax University of America as the executive Director of Business Development and the Dean of the School of Continuing Studies from 2012-2014, which gives him familiarity with the institution on a deep level. He has also previously served in other university or educational settings including Cordoba University as the Associate Dean, as well as Maarif for Education and Training as the Vice President for Business Development. Additionally, Dr. Alwani brings a depth of experience to his service on FXUA’s Board of Trustees with particular focus on human resource development, business development, and strategic planning.

Anas S. Al-Shaikh-Ali, Ph.D. (TRUSTEE)

Dr. Al-Shaikh-Ali holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Manchester. Dr. Al-Shaikh-Ali has served within several non-profit organizations including the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in the Translation Department and the International Publication Committee, where he currently serves as Chair and Director respectively. He has also served on several non-profit boards including the Islamic Conference Routh Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, the Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism, Association of Muslim Social Scientists, Foundation for Education and Development, and Warwick University as an advisory board member. He has also served in several university contexts including working for the University of Mosul (serving as a Lecturer in English Literature and translation, and Director of Public and Cultural Relations), the University of Manchester (Research Fellow), the University of Wales (as Senior Research Fellow), the International Islamic University (as Chief European Representative), the Oxford Academic for Advanced Studies (as the Deputy Rector and Chairman of Planning Committee), Cambridge University (as the Management Board Member). Dr. Al-Shaikh-Ali brings a breadth of experience in university settings and think tanks, as well as significant experience helping universities/think tanks to develop relationships with international partners.

Mohamed Bedi Ould Ahmed, Ph.D. (TRUSTEE)

Dr. Mohamed Bedi Ould Ahmed holds a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne University. He has over twenty-three years of experience as a professor of Islamic law, comparative philosophy and economic theory. He has served on a variety of institutional boards including as a member of the board of directors of the Ecole Pratqieu des Hautes Etudes, president of the Advisory Council of the Euro-Arab Academy of Culture and Communications. He has also written numerous publications in the mainstream and specialized press. Dr. Mohamed Bedi Ould Ahmed brings a experience in a variety of international university settings and a depth of experience in academic research.

Sherif A. Nasr, M.D. (Trustee)

Dr. Nasr is a board-certified medical doctor with esteemed credentials from prestigious universities from around the world – Alexandria University, Brown University and Emory University. Known nationally as a though leader in high-complex oncology diagnostics and recognized Hematopathologist, Dr. Nasr currently serves as the President, Founder and Medical Director of siParadigm – a next-generation sequencing diagnostics firm that specializes in personalized medicine to deliver better insights into patient care. He has also taught pathology and laboratory medicine at Emroy University and is the author of several publications.
Prior to founding siParadigm, Dr. Nasr has also previously served as the Medical Director of Quest Diagnostics (Teterboro, NJ) and Director of Specialty and Clinical Laboratories at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center (Paterson, NJ).
Dr. Nasr brings a depth of experience to his newest role as a member of FXUA’s Board of Trustees.