The University’s Timeline

Below are some historical milestones achieved by Fairfax University of America:

Founding of Fairfax University of America 1998-2006

Fairfax University of America was founded in 1998 and was certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV). At its founding, the first programs offered by the university included the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program, as well as its English as a Second Language program. In 1999, the university was incorporated as a non-profit corporation and obtained tax exemption as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). FXUA received authorization to offer diploma and certificate programs in business and computer science by SCHEV in 1999. In 2000, FXUA was granted permission to issue I-20s for F-1 and M Visa applicants from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Also in 2000, the university opened two undergraduate degree programs: the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA) and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BCS). In 2003, FXUA was authorized by SCHEV to offer its second master’s program: the Master of Science in Information Systems (MIS). The university held its first commencement on May 4th, 2006 with 20 graduates in attendance.

Coming into Focus 2008-2014

In 2008, FXUA was granted accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS). Also in 2008, a third master’s degree program was added: the Master of Science in Computer Science (MCS). On April 23rd, 2008 the Virginia General Assembly House Joint Resolution Committee presented the university with a letter commending the university “on the occasion of its accreditation and 10th anniversary.” In 2009, the university was approved to offer new programs including the Master of Arts in TESOL and the Graduate Certificate in TESOL. In 2011, FXUA successfully received ACICS re-certification in December. In 2013, the university was approved to open new master’s degrees, and the School Education was formed. In 2014, FXUA opened three new master’s degree programs: the MS in Accounting, the MS in Project Management, & the MS in Applied Linguistics. In 2014, a graduate certificate in Project Management was also added.

In 2015, the university opened its new Campus at 4401 Village Drive Fairfax. Also in 2015, the university was recognized as an authorized provider by the Project Management Institute. In May 2016, FXUA successfully received renewal of ACICS accreditation.

Moving Forward 2019-Present

Fairfax University of America experienced positive transformation and maturation in 2019. From 2019, the university emerged into a new and exciting phase in its history. The Board of Trustees decided that on January 1, 2020, the university’s name would formally change to Fairfax University of America (FXUA). The name change was representative of the institution’s history in the Fairfax Virginia area, where the campus has been rooted since its founding. As a university, FXUA was poised to move forward and creates its new future representing its maturity, accessibility, and excellence reflected in its mission. The next chapter in the university’s history is yet to be written.