Students at FXUA enjoy certain rights; while at the same time have certain responsibilities. The submission of an application for admission to FXUA represents a voluntary decision on the student’s part to participate in the programs offered by the institution pursuant to its policies, rules, and regulations. The University’s approval of that application, in turn, represents the extension of a privilege to join FXUA and remain a part of it so long as the student meets the required academic and social standards of FXUA.

FXUA is a learning community with specific expectations concerning the conduct of its students. The University strongly believes that students are adults who are expected to take personal responsibility for their own conduct. Acceptance into any of the University’s programs means that the student has accepted the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. To pursue his/her educational goals through the resources and the opportunities made available to him/her by the University.
  2. To challenge any university ruling or other sanction by appealing to due process, except as hereinafter provided.
  3. To inquire, express views, and assemble with others as long as the student does not interfere with the rights of others or the University’s effective operation
  4. To  receive  a  professional and  non-biased  review  of  his/her academic ability and performance.
  5. To  recognize the  safety  and  protection of  property  and  the continuity of the educational process.
  6. To  help  the  University  maintain  good  relations  with  its neighbors and the surrounding community by, among other things, obeying all traffic regulations, refraining from causing any disturbance, and respecting private property.