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FXUA Academic Life

FXUA accepts applicants from around the world that comprises our multi-cultural student body enrolled amongst seven Academic Departments of Study and in our Academic Programs.

Registrar's Office

Provides academic record service, student status, registration, course enrollment, classroom assignments, and administration of final examinations.

Faculty Development

We provide support for the FXUA community to work individually and collaboratively in order to enhance your efforts in teaching, research, and service.

Research at FXUA

FXUA is committed to provide opportunities to faculty and students to engage in scholarly research for personal, and professional growth.


The place to start as you undertake classroom assignments and independent research. We will assist you in meeting all your research needs.


Welcome to FXUA’s Faculty Focus, a publication of news and announcements emailed four times a year. We have designed this newsletter with the express purpose of bringing FXUA closer to you. Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of what is on your mind, your research interests, access to information about many exciting programs and opportunities at the University, new initiatives, news about your professional activities, etc. We strongly encourage contributions to this newsletter at: For all news and information about masters degrees and other academic programs at FXUA, look to Faculty Focus!

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