Other Departments

Institutional Resources

Office of the University President: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/about-fxua/office-of-the-president/

The Office of the President oversees the university’s operations.

University Mission: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/about-fxua/mission-statement-and-philosophy/

The mission of the university is defined here and formulates all that we do at FXUA.

Accreditation Information: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/about-fxua/accreditation/

FXUA’s accreditation and licensing information can be found on this page.

Institutional Effectiveness: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/about-fxua/institutional-effectiveness/

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists the university in its efforts of continual improvement through evidence based assessment practices.

Faculty Services

Human Resources: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/human-resources/

The Human Resources department provides information on university-level policies and procedures, recruits talented faculty and staff, and provides other supports for faculty and staff.

Registrar’s Office: https://www.fxua.edu/academics/registrars-office/

The university registrar maintains student records.

University Library: https://www.fxua.edu/library/

The FXUA library has resources and services for students and faculty.

Writing, Research, and Media Center: https://www.fxua.edu/wrmc/

The Writing, Research, and Media Center (WRMC) provides writing support services and much more!

Information Technology Services: http://it.fxua.edu/

A go-to site for all things technology related.

Student Services

Student Admissions Office: https://www.fxua.edu/admissions-aid/admissions/

Students can receive information and apply to programs through our Admissions office.

Student Accounts: https://www.fxua.edu/admissions-aid/student-accounts/

Useful information for students on rules and procedures for paying for their education.

Financial Aid for Students: https://www.fxua.edu/admissions-aid/financial-aid/

This includes resources for Federal Financial Aid, tuition payment plans, and Veteran’s benefits for students.

International Student Services: https://www.fxua.edu/student-life/iss-office/

Provides information and services for international students.

Career Center: https://www.fxua.edu/student-life/career-center/

The Career Center offers guidance and resources for students looking for internships and after-graduation employment.

Alumni Association: https://www.fxua.edu/our-university/about-fxua/alumni/

FXUA’s growing alumni association forms a global network of changemakers.