Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Fairfax University of America’s mission is to provoke principled and transformative leadership based on peace and security, global communities, character, stewardship, and development.

FXUA Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from Fairfax University of America, students will be able to:

  1. Employ critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning to design creative, strategic solutions to complex real-world issues.
  2. Communicate effectively with diverse audiences and collaborate productively with multiple stakeholders to lead teams toward the realization of shared goals.
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills and competencies to sustainably lead organizational change for social impact.
  4. Contribute to the betterment of human society as global citizens and agents of change and empowerment, exemplifying the values of character, community, development, stewardship, and peace.
  5. Create high quality, in-demand, affordable distance education programs that support the mission and afford to achieve institutional outcomes.


Our work is guided by five core principles:

  • Character: the expectation that all leaders should make brave decisions in good faith and in a principled way.
  • Community: a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves – be it global, national or local.
  • Development: the process by which we reach our potential as human beings and societies.
  • Stewardship: a sense of responsibility and care toward all people and things that depend on us.
  • Peace: the foundations on which we build prosperity and human fulfilment.


“To foster an empowering learning community that elevates personal and professional growth to inspire students to be transformative leaders in today’s multi-dimensional, global society.”