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Student Life Cycle


The student lifecycle was designed to be a revolutionary take on the higher education student experience, where we focus on preparing students for the future. The life cycle guides students through their time at FXUA while evaluating their personal and professional growth, in conjunction with their academic growth.

Designed to be flexible enough to adapt to individual student needs and easily adjustable based on students need and goals, FXUA’s student model develops students to be the future leaders of our global community. The FXUA life cycle includes assessments for students, along with internal metrics to monitor successful and meaningful implementation.

The FXUA lifecycle consists of 6 stages: pre-arrival, arrival and orientation, foundational job skills, employment readiness, employment – internship, and alumni. Students circle through foundation skills, employment readiness, and employment – internship stages each year, “leveling up” their skills, knowledge, and abilities. For more information about our life cycle, contact


Business partners

The President’s Office at Fairfax University of America (FXUA) is responsible for Business Partnerships and Academic Collaborations with domestic and international organizations.

The success of the Fairfax University of America (FXUA) is built on a true partnership between businesses and the university. FXUA relies on business leaders to provide industry-relevant guidance both in terms of curriculum development and bringing real-world, practical experience into the classrooms. For businesses, FXUA provides employment-ready students, recent graduates and alumni to fill necessary internship and full-time roles for their organizational growth.

Likewise, other domestic and international higher education institutions provide a foundation for ensuring FXUA students have learning access both here and around the world.