Master of Science in Project Management

Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) Degree Program Overview

Project management is the planning and execution of a specific activity or event at an organization or business. Project managers establish goals for these initiatives and allocate resources and personnel to ensure they come to fruition. At Fairfax University of America, we help students become effective project managers and transformative leaders through our Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) degree program.

Master of Science in Project Management Degree Program Objectives

Those who participate in this project management degree program gain proficiency in operational and technical concepts required for a leadership position in this vast career field. Students with multiple professional and educational backgrounds will learn the following skills in the MSPM program:

  • Displaying leadership when crafting project plans and assessing the outcomes
  • Understanding the language associated with project launches, implementation, and completion
  • Recognizing the difference between a project and daily operations
  • Applying realistic budgetary restraints on initiatives
  • Formulating solutions that work within the limitations of schedule, scope, and time for the project
  • Leveraging technological competencies, strategies, and tools to meet objectives
  • Utilizing oral and written communication skills to share ideas with co-workers
  • Taking an ethical approach to all business tasks
  • Fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and acceptance of varied perspectives

MSPM Degree Program Course Work

The MSPM program requires students to obtain 36 credit hours to graduate, which equates to 12 courses. The coursework includes four cores, six specializations, and two thesis courses. Also, students who graduate from the master’s project management degree program can pursue additional courses to prepare for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

The instructors who teach these classes have extensive knowledge of the topics and receive further training as the curriculum evolves. You can learn more about specific professors at Fairfax University of America by exploring our faculty directory.

If a prospective student does not have a business background and experience in project management, and their bachelor’s degree is not related to business and management, they must complete prerequisite courses. Our graduate program admission requirements further explain the criteria applicants need to enroll at our academic institution.

Career Outlook With A Project Management Degree

Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to find employment in numerous organizations and businesses upon graduating from our MSPM program. Besides preparing students for their professional careers, the master’s in project management degree provides a foundation for them to continue their education and develop a deeper understanding of leadership.

The following job titles are some of the most rewarding career paths for students completing the MSPM program. The average annual salaries as stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are included:

· Construction Manager ($97,180)
· Cost Estimator ($66,610)
· General and Operations Manager ($115,120)
· Industrial Production Manager ($108,790)
· Procurement Manager ($72,270)
· Project Manager ($80,220)

Earn Your Master of Science in Project Management

For an affordable, business-focused education in project management, turn to the MSPM program at Fairfax University of America. Our goal is to empower students to become transformative leaders in a multi-dimensional and global society while helping them achieve greater personal and professional growth.

Request information to find out more about our project management degree program, or enroll today by completing an application online.


MS in Project Management requires 36 academic credit hours, and consists of three areas of study that develop necessary knowledge and skills to become a Project Manager. If desired, an MS in Project Management graduate can take an additional course aimed at successful preparation for obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Area Number of Courses Credits
Core Courses 4 12
Specialization  Courses 6 18
Thesis Courses 2 6
Total 12 36
Program Prerequisites

If applicants do not have previous business background and project management experience, and their bachelor’s degrees are not related to business and management, they are required to take the following MSPM program prerequisite courses:

Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics None 3
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics None 3

These program prerequisites can be taken at the same time. In rare circumstances, students also have the option to test out of these courses or provide other evidence of content knowledge through certifications, successful completion of similar courses, or training certificates.

Core Courses (4 core course- 12 Credits)

The required courses provide students with the skills and knowledge that all project managers need including accounting, finance, organizational behavior, marketing and leadership. Every student must complete the following four (4) courses:

Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
MBA 511 Managerial Accounting and Finance ACCT 201, BUSS 303 3
MBA 512 Project & Cost Management STAT 200 3
MBA 513 Organizational Behavior None 3
MBA 514 Marketing Management None 3
Specialization Courses (6 Courses – 18 Credits)

These courses offer students the familiarity and skills in managing projects, evaluating risks, handling contractual and procurement activities and analyzing advanced projects management practices. Every student must complete the following six (6) courses:

Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
PMP 605 Project Management Systems None 3
PMP 610 Quality Project Management Practices None 3
PMP 615 Risk Project Management None 3
PMP 620 Contract and Procurement Management None 3
PMP 623 Leading Projects Across Cultural, Corporate, and Global Boundaries None 3
PMP 625 Advanced Project Management Practices PMP 605 3
Thesis Courses (Any 2 Courses – 6 Credits)

The project management concept is commonly integrated across many disciplines. As a project manager, it is important to have a working understanding of various industries. Through the thesis process, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to integrate people, processes, and technology for the purpose of understanding an organization’s mission and vision as well as actualize their understanding through imperial research.

Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
PMP 698 Master Thesis I 5 Core Courses& Dean’s Approval 3
PMP 699 Master Thesis II PMP 698 3
OPTIONAL: PMP Exam Preparation (3 credits)
Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
PMP 650 PMP Exam Preparation PMP 605, 610, 615