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The FXUA Career Center provides guidance and academic resources to assist students and alumni develop skills needed to obtain an academic internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities. The Career Center actively promotes and supports effective professional networking and collaboration between the university, employers, and the local community.

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The FXUA Career Center offers career advice, employment search resources, and workshops to help you develop job search skills.
Career Center Services:

  1. Résumé and cover letter reviews
  2. CSM online job search tool and other job search resources
  3. Volunteering, internship (CPT), and employment (OPT) search resources
  4. Professional development workshops: résumés, networking, interviewing, American business culture, immigration and work visas, etc.
  5. Interview Stream interview practice software

Remember to start your job search early. (Always plan a semester in advance!) Volunteer and complete an internship to build your résumé and obtain post-graduation employment!

Career Services Department Team

Ijeoma Jane Ogu

Ijeoma “Jane” Ogu

Student Support Representative – Career Services Assistant

As a current student, I am in FXUA’s MS in Information Systems Management (MISM) program.  Each day I assist the Career Services & Alumni Relations Department by posting on-campus employment opportunities, words of encouragement on social media, and administrative responsibilities.

I am encouraged and passionate about contributing a high-level of excellence, quality ideas, work output, and leadership.  I am here to be of encouragement and assistance to you!

Nivedita Thiruchuri Uma

Nivedita Thiruchuri Uma

Student Support Representative – Alumni Relations Assistant

For any campus, the ALUMNI are a strong backbone to an institution. ALUMNI play an important role in creating, shaping, inspiring and bridging the communication between graduates, current students, and the university.

As an Alumni (MBA – Healthcare Management, August 2016) and now current student (MS – Project Management), I have the opportunity to discover the stories of graduates and to share their educational and real world experiences with you.  I look forward to connecting you with FXUA’s ALUMNI.

The Career Services & Alumni Relations Department Team.  We are here to assist you!