A no contact order is a bilateral order that mandates none of the parties listed in the order may communicate with each other. Prohibited communication includes in-person communication, electronic communication of any kind, and communications through third parties. Other restrictions may be included on a case-by-case basis, such as a minimum distance requirement. The no contact order is in effect both on- and off-campus.

If a No Contact Order is issued it will remain in effect until it is determined to no longer be necessary. The termination of the No Contact Order is at the discretion of the university.
A No Contact Order is not a disciplinary sanction. However, failure to abide by a No Contact Order will be addressed immediately by the university and may result in further interim measures, which could include removal from or restriction on campus or other remedies, and may result in disciplinary sanctions and a conduct record.

Generally, the following steps will be taken if a No Contact Order is violated:

  1. A Written Warning will be issued to the violating party.
  2. A Written Final Warning will be issued to the violating party.
  3. The violating party will be suspended until the completion of the investigation.

Depending on the severity of the violation, the university may, at its discretion, skip steps (1) or (2).