Academic graduates who wish to receive their diplomas on stage must wear caps and gowns appropriate for their programs of study. Caps and gowns will be available to purchase online. The Student Affairs Department will update students on those exact dates then. Please keep in mind that regalia ordering and shipping takes up to 5 weeks. Please order them in a timely manner. Order your regalia online.

Before ordering your regalia, please make sure to follow this “how to guide”

to make sure you order the correct regalia. If you are an undergraduate student, you need to order the gown and a tassel. If you are a graduate student, you need to order the gown, tassel, and hood. The tassel and hood color correspond with your school program.

ESL and TOEFL completers should wear formal or business attire to the ceremony.

Students participating in graduation will be given a limited number of tickets for their guests. The Student Affairs Department will announce ticket pick up dates.

Students are responsible for writing their own invitation letter to send their parents, friends and family. Please click here to download a graduation invitation letter to use. You will need to write a graduation invitation letter for each person you are inviting to graduation. Please note, the graduation invitation letter is not a ticket to get into the graduation ceremony.
To assist with the visa process for your family and friends, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Write, sign and print the graduation invitation letter
  2. Request a status letter from the registrar’s office
  3. Optional: print unofficial transcript