Theresa Taylor, MIR 2016

I chose FXUA because I was living in Japan and wanted to complete my program online. I appreciated that FXUA was an international university. From my research, I gathered that many foreign students attended the school which was a manifestation for me that the school embraces diversity. I endorse mutual respect and diversity and, in my opinion, I would agree that though there exist an expectation that these factors should be obvious in the western world, developed countries in the Western world hasn’t really lived up to these expectations. In fact, diversity has been blamed for escalating the rise of ethnic nationalism and far-right movements. I therefore gravitate to institutions that understand, represents and appreciate the strength, growth and power that diversity brings.

Completing my studies in International Relations while I was in Japan and originally coming from a western developing country was nothing short of an amazing experience. I had the advantage of seeing many worlds and then conclude the reality that it’s a small world and that each world is only part of a whole and hence the need to cooperate and strive for peace among nations. I am culturally sensitive, I believe in the power of negotiation and exercising soft power and I believe in identifying myself with people from all around the world no matter their creed and I enjoy engaging in supportive actions. We are all but human first.

Since I completed my studies at FXUA, I went straight in completing a diploma course in Canadian Immigration Practitioner and simultaneously started the application process to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program that is offered. My intention for doing the diploma was to move on to become a licensed Immigration Consultant and to start my own practice. I see this a platform where I can represent and serve people from all over the world through mutual respect. I currently hold position of Immigration Consultant and is operating in this capacity.

Theresa Taylor
Masters of Science in International Relations 2016

Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabhir, MPM 2016

I was one of the first batch of Project Management students to complete from the university’s program. After my graduation from the finest of institutions in Virginia, I quickly was hired as a Project Coordinator in Sodexo, New Jersey. Although my career has taken me across the world to so many places, to this date I still get nostalgic when thinking of Dr. Stephen Onu’s core project management classes and what a life mentor he has been to all of us. Dr. Onu showed us the way to believe in ourselves and to always push forward beyond boundaries and limitations.

I still have a long way to go but my education and life experiences on the campus always assist me to be the best in whatever I do.

Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabhir
Master of Science in Project Management 2016

Laxman Reddy Japa, MISM 2018

I came to United States to get an advanced degree and FXUA helped me achieve it. When I wanted to get a master’s degree in information systems management, FXUA was one of the few universities that offered the program. Based on my IELTS score at the time I was offered admission to join the university and since then Fairfax University of America was able to motivate, build spirit and gave me a path to succeed both academically and professionally.

I learned a lot of things like Agile, Project Management, Software development life cycle which helped me understand the US jobs and the requirement for the jobs.  I still follow most of the things that were taught at the university it may be on how to present myself for a meeting or how to communicate, all the hours of in class discussions and brainstorms and after class sessions got me a long way from where I have started.

The knowledge gained from classes and equipped with many other tools and technology I learned I was able to secure a very good and high paying job under six months after the graduation, this is was the first stage of success for me since I graduated and many more to come ahead. The motivation and knowledge I gained when I was in class, communicating with professors and students helped me gain confidence in expressing myself in a conversation something which I have to do every day at work in the meeting.

I would like to give heads up to all the future alumni of FXUA, when you graduate Job Market might not be as welcoming as you might have thought, don’t finish the assignment’s and think you are ready for the job. Learn some tools, try getting an internship or work on a project after class that might give you real time experience.  Just do the smart thing #GoFXUA

Laxman Reddy Japa
Master of Science in Information Systems Management 2018

Saji Thomas, MCS 2017

FXUA has provided me the opportunity to grow not only as a professional but also academically which helped me a lot to prepare for my career.

The FXUA Career Center provided me guidance and academic resources to develop my objective and also helped me in building my Resume and my cover letter.

“Focus! Connect! Balance! Focus on setting a foundation that will propel you to success! Connect and stay connected to your family, friends, your faith, and all that is positive in your life; Balance it all with an attention to your health, your nutrition, your sleep, and yes have fun from time to time! Much love to all and good luck!”

Saji Thomas
Master of Science in Computer Science 2017

Jesulobatemi Alagba, MCS 2018

I chose Fairfax University of America (FXUA) because the campus offered me an opportunity to advance my career and provided me with the needed resources and tools to be effective in the workplace. With this learning experience, I was able to build a network with persons of diverse backgrounds.

During my last semester, I had many opportunities to interview with recognized tech companies. Shortly afterwards, I was offered a position along with a sign-on bonus. To me, this is a testament to the quality of education offered by FXUA.

Since completing my studies, I have been able to apply many of the technical skills learned in classes and apply them to real-life scenarios. I cannot overemphasize the usefulness of learning soft skills, which were reinforced during presentations and classes. These skills have been essential in my career success with Deloitte & Touche LLP.

The campus offered me a great environment to learn and to build a successful career. It would do students well to maximize the opportunity!

Jesulobatemi Alagba
Master of Science in Computer Science 2018

Sahar Shiroujan

If I want to talk about Fairfax University of America and why it was my first choice, there are some reasons. First, the location. FXUA is located close to Washington DC that is the capital of the United States and it is close to another state. Another reason is that people living in this area are very friendly and respectful of international students and foreigners. Also, FXUA is a multicultural University and provides you to learn cultures and get familiar with different people that come from other countries. It is an honor to be here. Thank you, FXUA!

Sahar Shiroujan
MBA in International Finance

Nathalia Barba

My name is Nathalia Barba. I am from Mexico. I had the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program in this area before deciding to study here and I fell in love with the DMV. Northern Virginia/DMV is world class diverse area that has lots to offer, from museums, culture, and history in a safe environment. Before choosing FXUA I took courses and classes in other schools and there’s no comparison with the atmosphere that FXUA has, embracing and celebrating every culture that is part of the institution. I have three main reasons why I chose FXUA:

First, location, location, location; you have DC and Arlington a 20-25 minutes drive away, NY a 4 hours road trip and Boston a 1-hour flight away. Second, the price; as an international student, your personal finance is extremely important and having the opportunity to have an affordable education is vital. The last reason is the professors; having people from all over the world teaching you, sharing their personal and professional experiences who understand your situation as an immigrant is priceless, professors in FXUA really care about the relationship they develop with their students, becoming your mentors/friends to help and support you succeed.

In this globalized economy, the chance of learning and experiencing other cultures from your classmates and professors helps you to have the advantage to work on any industry. My MBA is going to help to reach my professional goals and develop and grow my own business. Thank you, FXUA!

Nathalia Barba
Master of Business Administration

Hauwa Momoh

A DC metro area is so rich in a lot of Historical sites and culture. It embodies the various culture of the American Nation. This area is a top tourist attraction for visitors and students like myself who come here and transition into the future. A degree from FXUA will help me to advance in career goals and it will give the knowledge that I need to advance in my career.

Also, the network opportunities that it has provided so far is unbelievable. I have been able to network with people in my industry from all over the world. After I finish my program at FXUA, I believe I can conquer the world!

Hauwa Momoh
MBA in Project Management

Angelina Katrandzhiyska

FXUA gave me the opportunity to come to the city, explore the states and interesting places around here. Also, I met one of my best friends here and a lot of people from different countries with a lot of experience and different cultures that I am so interested in. I am looking forward to finishing my bachelor’s degree and then continue my master’s degree at FXUA. I want to thank the whole team of Fairfax University of America for the opportunity that they gave me. I am looking forward to applying all the things that I have studied here on my future goals and life.

Angelina Katrandzhiyska
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Ganchimeg Erdenebal

I came to the United States for pursuing my master’s degree at Fairfax University of America. I have taken three semesters of ESL class before starting my master’s program and my English has been significantly improved since I first joined.

Fairfax University of America provides great facility and environment for the students where we have access to the library, computer rooms, and cafeteria on campus. You are not only studying but also enjoying the opportunity of learning other cultures and making friends with students from different countries. In addition, the faculty and staff is really supportive and collaborative to fulfill all the requests and concerns. The instructors are amazing that they support and work on each student by providing a detailed learning strategy that could fit them.

I am so delighted to be part of this institution, and I would highly recommend you to study at FXUA to make your career dream come true.

Ganchimeg Erdenebal
English as a Second Language