Theresa Taylor, MIR 2016
Theresa Taylor, MIR 2016

I chose FXUA because I was living in Japan and wanted to complete my program online. I appreciated that FXUA was an international university. From my research, I gathered that many foreign students attended the school which was a manifestation for me that the school embraces diversity. I endorse mutual respect and diversity and, in my opinion, I would agree that though there exist an expectation that these factors should be obvious in the western world, developed countries in the Western world hasn’t really lived up to these expectations. In fact, diversity has been blamed for escalating the rise of ethnic nationalism and far-right movements. I therefore gravitate to institutions that understand, represents and appreciate the strength, growth and power that diversity brings.

Completing my studies in International Relations while I was in Japan and originally coming from a western developing country was nothing short of an amazing experience. I had the advantage of seeing many worlds and then conclude the reality that it’s a small world and that each world is only part of a whole and hence the need to cooperate and strive for peace among nations. I am culturally sensitive, I believe in the power of negotiation and exercising soft power and I believe in identifying myself with people from all around the world no matter their creed and I enjoy engaging in supportive actions. We are all but human first.

Since I completed my studies at FXUA, I went straight in completing a diploma course in Canadian Immigration Practitioner and simultaneously started the application process to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program that is offered. My intention for doing the diploma was to move on to become a licensed Immigration Consultant and to start my own practice. I see this a platform where I can represent and serve people from all over the world through mutual respect. I currently hold position of Immigration Consultant and is operating in this capacity.

Theresa Taylor
Masters of Science in International Relations 2016