Laxman Reddy Japa, MISM 2018
Laxman Reddy Japa, MISM 2018

I came to United States to get an advanced degree and FXUA helped me achieve it. When I wanted to get a master’s degree in information systems management, FXUA was one of the few universities that offered the program. Based on my IELTS score at the time I was offered admission to join the university and since then Fairfax University of America was able to motivate, build spirit and gave me a path to succeed both academically and professionally.

I learned a lot of things like Agile, Project Management, Software development life cycle which helped me understand the US jobs and the requirement for the jobs.  I still follow most of the things that were taught at the university it may be on how to present myself for a meeting or how to communicate, all the hours of in class discussions and brainstorms and after class sessions got me a long way from where I have started.

The knowledge gained from classes and equipped with many other tools and technology I learned I was able to secure a very good and high paying job under six months after the graduation, this is was the first stage of success for me since I graduated and many more to come ahead. The motivation and knowledge I gained when I was in class, communicating with professors and students helped me gain confidence in expressing myself in a conversation something which I have to do every day at work in the meeting.

I would like to give heads up to all the future alumni of FXUA, when you graduate Job Market might not be as welcoming as you might have thought, don’t finish the assignment’s and think you are ready for the job. Learn some tools, try getting an internship or work on a project after class that might give you real time experience.  Just do the smart thing #GoFXUA

Laxman Reddy Japa
Master of Science in Information Systems Management 2018