Ganchimeg Erdenebal

Ganchimeg Erdenebal Testimonial

I came to the United States for pursuing my master’s degree at Fairfax University of America. I have taken three semesters of ESL class before starting my master’s program and my English has been significantly improved since I first joined.

Fairfax University of America provides great facility and environment for the students where we have access to the library, computer rooms, and cafeteria on campus. You are not only studying but also enjoying the opportunity of learning other cultures and making friends with students from different countries. In addition, the faculty and staff is really supportive and collaborative to fulfill all the requests and concerns. The instructors are amazing that they support and work on each student by providing a detailed learning strategy that could fit them.

I am so delighted to be part of this institution, and I would highly recommend you to study at FXUA to make your career dream come true.

Ganchimeg Erdenebal
English as a Second Language