About WRMC

WELCOME to the Writing, Research and Media Center! This is intended to be a resource center for what you need to be successful in your academic life at FXUA. This is your classroom extension and is meant to help with any questions or problems that you might have about writing, researching or using media for your courses and beyond.

You will find that there is a lot of content related to classroom basics and some more in depth information about tools and resources available to you. Please know that every instructor differs in their requirements, and the resources here are merely intended to assist you in your courses. You should always follow course requirements as specified by your instructor. Please always remember the adage, “When in doubt, ask!

If you don’t see a topic that you are interested in at any time, please contact us at  and we can assist you.


The Writing, Research, and Media Center at FXUA serves to support students in a way that allows for enhanced growth and ability to communicate in writing for their various fields of study. Students are provided one-on-one sessions to target specific needs in order to allow for students to develop skills for long term success.


  • Respect for diversity
  • Supportive and welcoming
  • Develop learning community awareness


The WRMC measures itself according to the following objectives:

  • Provide quality services to students based upon individual need and long term growth goals
  • Support the various programs of study across the University by not only providing writing support for students, but also providing feedback to the Schools on areas for improvement within their curricula
  • Assist in the improvement of student learning outcomes across the University by addressing student need
  • Develop learner knowledge and awareness of resources and tools for self-development and long term personal coaching