Software Developer

How To Become A Software Developer

You may have noticed that there are many job titles associated with computer science degrees. This dynamic, technical field keeps expanding and innovating, paving the way for more specialization areas. There also are many crossover functions. Software developers help create programs, and these programs are fundamental to modern technology. At Fairfax University of America, located in Virginia, students enrolled in the School of Computer and Information Systems can earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science to start their careers as software developers.

What is the Role of a Software Developer?

In creating software, or the sets of instructions, data, and programs that we use to operate computers, developers usually work as part of a project team. These important computer science professionals often are involved during project conception, planning, and design, and they play a role in developing the software for any operating systems and applications necessary for the success of the project. In other words, many software developers are involved from the very beginning stages of the development process.

Software developers are key to making any new ideas work with computers, by outlining the digital communications necessary for functionality. They create complex coding and programming instructions using computer languages, determine usability according to consumer feedback, and keep up a rigorous system of testing and improvement before and after market launch. Here are a few of the typical job functions for software developers:

  • Work with a team to analyze client needs
  • Design models that guide the software development process
  • Test design models and finished products for repairs and plan improvements
  • Document systems and any needed software upgrades

As software developers move through the stages of planning and analysis into design, implementation, and testing, they may be working on web development, database functionality, video games, mobile applications, and even email services and social media platforms. Software developers work on products and systems that span economic sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, defense, agriculture, financial, and natural resources.

Job Market for Software Developers

Since software developers are essential throughout the economy, they may choose to work in a field or environment that fits their personal interests, values, and preferences. Students who study computer science to become software developers should think about the workplace and community culture of the company or organization they would prefer to join. This is especially true since the role of software developers demands good communication skills, and they are called upon to convey ideas to, and integrate feedback from, a variety of stakeholders in any project.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for 2020 to 2030 includes a projection of 22% growth in employment for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. The median annual wage for those working for software publishers was $124,050 in 2020 and was above $100,000 in the manufacturing, company management, systems design, and insurance industries.

A background in computer programming is necessary for software developers, especially if they want to advance in their careers. These skills and knowledge can be acquired in a computer science degree program. On the Virginia campus of Fairfax University of America, students can choose between bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Additionally, they may take advantage of the opportunity to gain specialized certifications from the Office of Micro-Credentials, which offers a variety of computer science offerings, including:

  • Advanced Data Science
  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • Essentials of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Essentials of Software Application Development
  • Essentials of System Design
  • Essentials of Cybersecurity

Explore the Advantages of Fairfax University of America’s Degree Programs

Our admission requirements are welcoming to students from a variety of backgrounds and academic preparation. Rather than require a specific GPA, students undergo assessment testing as part of the application process to Fairfax University of America. Students who need assistance with English language preparation can receive instruction in our English Language for Academic Communication ESL program. Students also may apply for financial aid, which includes our generous scholarship program.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, additional micro-credentialing opportunities, and our master’s degree programs at Fairfax University of America in Virginia. Request information today.