Project Manager

How To Become A Project Manager

If you are unsure what career path to follow, consider studying to become a project manager. Virtually every industry employs project managers to oversee initiatives and help the organization achieve success, from technology and finance to entertainment and fashion. At Fairfax University of America, you can earn a Master of Science in Project Management degree at our Virginia campus near Washington, D.C., and use the skills learned to thrive in a variety of businesses.

What Is a Project Manager?

Project managers organize business activities and supervise their implementation. They lead teams in carrying out efforts, encouraging them to work together and realize a shared goal. Project managers also may be tasked with defining objectives for the company.

These professionals face a significant amount of responsibility — executives typically ask them for an explanation if a project goes awry. On the other hand, they can experience a deep sense of personal fulfillment when an initiative produces the desired results.

The most effective project managers display strong leadership and communication. They need critical thinking abilities to identify the best course of action for a particular project and spot areas that may cause problems for the business. Additionally, project managers need to balance multiple tasks and relationships with different stakeholders without getting overwhelmed by the extent of their responsibilities.

Besides these transferrable competencies, project managers need various technical skills that align with their industry. Given the versatile nature of this career field, the daily duties of a project management position will differ in each organization. However, some tasks that most project managers perform include:

  • Establishing a project’s capacity in terms of business needs and goals
  • Figuring out the overall cost and drafting a budget to manage money wisely
  • Monitoring progress to ensure each step finishes within the schedule
  • Determining how to allocate personnel and resources to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Evaluating the risks of a project and formulating solutions to reduce them
  • Conducting quality assurance to detect areas for improvement
  • Maintaining a line of communication with stakeholders to update them on project development
  • Making notes on the progress of the initiative

Career Advancement for Project Managers

In addition to influence and personal satisfaction, project management occupations also prove to be financially rewarding. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, project management specialists earn an average of $98,420 annually. However, project managers can seek more advanced and higher-paying job opportunities by attaining a master’s degree in the field. Consider the following roles and their estimated salaries from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Purchasing manager ($127,150)
  • Industrial production manager ($103,150)
  • Construction manager ($98,890)
  • School principal ($98,420)
  • College or university administrator ($96,910)

Why Study at Fairfax University of America?

The School of Business at Fairfax University of America offers a Master of Science in Project Management degree program for students who wish to expand their opportunities in this flexible career field. The program focuses on operational and technical topics necessary to obtain a leadership position in project management, including budgeting, business ethics, oral and written communication, terminology, and leveraging technology to accomplish goals.

Besides the master’s degree program, we also offer a graduate certificate in project management. This program is best suited for students interested in acquiring the strategic competencies associated with project management as opposed to the organizational competencies. It concentrates more on the subjects included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), such as estimating cost and time needs, developing processes that facilitate better communication, and taking the proper steps with project closure.

Attain Your Project Management Degree in Virginia

Begin your career in project management by enrolling in the master’s or graduate certificate program at Fairfax University of America. Our non-profit academic institution in Virginia offers students exceptional flexibility in the design of their studies, creating a positive and personalized environment for learning. A diverse student body makes Fairfax University of America ideal for individuals of various backgrounds, including those from multi-lingual families, poly-ethnic communities, and faith-based households.

Our mission is to empower students by encouraging personal development that enables them to become transformative leaders in a multi-dimensional and global society. You can request information online to learn more about the project management degree or complete an application to enroll today.