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Collaborations and Partnerships

The President’s Office at Fairfax University of America is responsible for Academic Collaborations and Partnerships with domestic and international organizations.

One of FXUA’s main missions is to foster a truly diverse community, including faculty, students, universities and partner institutions, across the world that collaborate on a common path to success. Through a global partnership initiative, we plan to provide students from different parts of the world equal opportunities of education; hence, preparing them to thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

The President’s Office manages:

  1. Liaison of internal and external communications regarding academic collaborations and partnerships
  2. Community and government relations
  3. Faculty and staff exchange programs

You can find a list of our current partners from all around the world here. FXUA chooses to cooperate only with institutions and organizations that are known to share its high standards and public position. We focus on mutually beneficial investments to catalyze domestic and cross-countries collaborations to integrate multicultural diversities. If you would like to become FXUA’s partner and join hands with us in this global initiative, please contact us at for more information.