Vidya Rajan Veena Kumari, MCS

Online Testimonials - Vidya Rajan

Most recently, I reside in North Carolina. As I have prior education and experience in the computer science field, I am always trying to expand my knowledge and polish my skills. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in computer science with FXUA’s School of Online Education because of the good curriculum and outstanding faculty members. Their online courses challenge me to enhance my skills and stimulate my learning.

It is a huge advantage for students that Fairfax University of America offers both online and on-campus degree programs. I chose to start my degree online, but have since decided to switch to the on-campus option in the upcoming semester. This flexibility saves me time and money. The 8-week semester format allows me to get closer to my goals in just a short amount of time while all of the classes that I took online were credited and transferable to the on-campus program. The cultural diversity in my online classes heightened my desire to gain extensive professional experiences, carry out practical cases in study groups, and learn other languages and cultures – all of which were fulfilled both online and on-campus!

Vidya Rajan Veena Kumari
Alumni, MS in Computer Science