Tarun Reddy Guduru


I am extremely happy to share my view regarding my time here at FXUA. Studying at FXUA has been a remarkable experience. I have encountered diversity and culture in such a way that I have gained knowledge while understanding different cultures and working with different people that come from different countries. FXUA has small sized classes, which makes it possible for students to work one-on-one with the professor, enhancing a higher concentration on many aspects of the class material and subject of study.

It is a great opportunity to study abroad for a student in my position. It allows you the chance to study in a different culture and far away from your family which teaches you to be independent and practical. Such experiences have raised an immense practical exposure towards my course work as well as in the betterment of my IT skills. FXUA has been an excellent part of my journey because this is the place where I am accomplishing a dream – studying Computer Science in United States.

I am one of the fortunate students that works at FXUA as a library assistant. FXUA provides excellent benefits to student staff which aids us in tuition rate discounts. The Professors at FXUA are highly qualified in their areas of interest. The quality teaching by our professors make students understand the concepts better, while in a very diverse environment. Diversity is a great spirit at FXUA, where students from many nations to collaborate in studying together. As we have students coming from different parts of the world it makes student life fun.

I was one among the list of individuals who were awarded a scholarship because I had excellent academic scores and FXUA was generous enough to award a $2,000.00 scholarship towards my tuition, for which I am grateful. New students can apply for a scholarship on the FXUA website. It’s quick and easy. In a nutshell, FXUA has taught international students that challenges have solutions. FXUA makes what seems impossible, possible, especially when it comes to making our dreams come true. My long term goal is to get an internship in one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Tarun Reddy Guduru
Alumni, Master of Computer Science