Susann Wieczorek


FXUA is an amazing place to study! This university offers so much diversity and opportunity for students. We have been given the opportunity to earn scholarships and to gain valuable work experience in different positions on campus during our time at FXUA.

As the Assistant to the School of English Language Studies, I have been able to see first-hand how quickly our students can improve their English language skills. Our ESL program not only teaches students the English language, but also gives them the opportunity to socialize during school-sponsored events like the ESL Potluck and field trips to places like Washington, DC museums and monuments.

In addition to working on campus, I have also been taking classes full-time in order to finish my BBA in International Business. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship, that has encouraged me to study harder and be even more involved at the university. The FXUA website shows that scholarships are available for everybody, whether you are incredibly smart, talented in a specific are, involved socially, or simply because you come from another part of the world! This is a rare find.

While studying at FXUA, I have had the privilege to work with students from different backgrounds, which helps me better understand what diversity means and how useful it will be in the future. I have made many friends from all over the world and received an excellent education from diverse and experienced faculty. By making the decision to study at FXUA, you can take advantage of the same opportunities!

Susann Wieczorek