Salma Douab

Salma In

My Next Goal is to Succeed in National Competition

I graduated with a BBA in Finance last spring and knew I wanted to go on to complete my MBA. Academics are very important to me, and I work hard in my classes. My professors and classmates make studying more exciting with their enthusiasm for the subjects we study. Coming from Morocco, I found it easy to make friends at FXUA, especially as I speak several languages besides English – French and Arabic. I even had the opportunity to represent my country as a model in the 2014 FXUA Calendar, of which I am very proud! But besides studying and spending time with my university friends, I am pursuing my dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Currently, I am an NPC bikini competitor. My last competition, The Jay Cutler Classic, took place in Baltimore, Maryland. It took several months of a strict diet and workout regimen for me to prepare for the competition. To get great results, you need consistency and lots of will power; the diet and training go hand in hand. While I complete my MBA, my goal is to compete in nationals and turn into a professional athlete!

Salma Douab
Alumni, BBA in Finance