Ricardo Abella
Ricardo Abella

FXUA is proud to announce that our MBA Student, Ricardo Abella has earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Consequently, Ricardo becomes one of the two students at FXUA who are certified as a PMP. PMI is known as a dominant organization with over 600,000 members and operates in approximately 185 countries in the world. FXUA is honored to congratulate Mr. Abella on behalf of our student body for his demonstrated experience, knowledge and performance in achieving this certification.

Many people ask me if the process of earning my PMP Certification was difficult – the answer is yes!  It was hard, costly and challenging. Earning the certification was not only costly in terms of money, time, or effort, but was especially taxing in terms of discipline, resilience and attitude. I have successfully managed projects for more than 10 years and had significant experience in dealing with projects, people and constraints. Throughout my career I had learned to combine my experience, my instinct, and my networking skills. However, I believe there are several reasons people should consider getting their PMP certification.

Your decision about taking this test will depend on your personal motivations, professional goals and career objectives. First and foremost, if the term “project management” is involved in your career, getting your PMP Certification should be on your must-do list, for numerous reasons:

  • Preparing for the test will expose you to mainstream thinking about project management standards, techniques, best practices and current trends in the field of project management.
  • You will learn creative new techniques to assist you in your project management activities.
  • The certification can bolster a resume and perhaps place you ahead of a job candidate with similar experience who does not have the certification.
  • The credential can certainly make it easier to find a job as a project or program manager. While it does not guarantee you a job, there are many employers who require PMP-Certified applicants.
  • The PMP Certification is a global credential which gives you credibility as a project manager across the globe.

And yet, if project management is not your career path, I would still suggest that you consider getting your certification. By doing so:

  • You will realize that most of the tasks we undertake as leaders and in our personal lives can be understood as projects.
  • You will improve your organizational skills significantly – I certainly found this to be the case.
  • An individual will be able to demonstrate that they have a certain amount of knowledge and education in the project management field. While this credential does not necessarily prove that you are a good project manager or that you will succeed in this field, it does indicate your seriousness and understanding of the subject matter.
  • PMI Certificate Holders gain access to new networking opportunities including project management events. This professional certification will serve as an icebreaker and an excellent tool for impressing interviewers, colleagues and friends.
  • Finally, you can set yourself apart from other professionals. Gaining this certification illustrates personal drive to further your credentials, knowledge and professional abilities.

Ricardo Abella Sarmiento
Alumni, International Business Management