Nadine Al Roz

Nadine Al Roz

I graduated last year from Rafik Hariri University in Lebanon with a bachelor’s degree in computer and communication engineering. While studying, I worked as an IT assistant.

I found FXUA while searching online for schools Washington, DC.  I chose to study for master’s degree at FXUA for several reasons: the course curriculum focused on my area of interest, a great location, and affordable tuition. What I really like about studying at FXUA is getting to know students from many different countries and hearing their different perspectives on things.

After completing my first semester, I had the opportunity to do a two-month internship with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). I also received an on-campus job as a teaching assistant for the School of Computer Information Systems. I am currently working with the dean of the school to open an IEEE (Institution for Electric and Electronic Engineering) student branch. I am also serving as the president of the IT Club and the Merhaba Club.

My favorite thing about FXUA is the diversity of the professors, students, and staff. They are from all over the world. The professors are always up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and teaching. Also, they always support us as students to seek opportunities and accomplish our goals.

After I graduate, I plan to do a one year internship in the US and then start a PhD program. Earning a degree from the US will not only empower my future career in my home country but also will give me credibility around the world since earning a degree from American university is highly recognized around the world.  I believe it will open many job opportunities for me locally and globally. I would highly recommend FXUA for others. FXUA will help them find a better future.

Nadine Al Roz
Alumni, MS in Software Engineering