Munish Verma

Face of FXUA - Munish Verma

Having worked as a user interface designer for more than six years in a multinational company, I made the decision to further upgrade my education because I wanted to improve the skill sets that make managers effective as I progress along my career path. I am dedicated to continuous self improvement in my career and the MS in Information Systems program at Fairfax University of America is helping me to achieve that.

I am really enjoying the collaborative learning environment at FXUA. Interactions with my fellow students are thought provoking and engaging. Our tutors are all professional facilitators who are doing an excellent job in guiding us. I really enjoy the quality of the education that I am receiving as the school brings in leaders in the field for each of my courses.

Apart from this, I also have had a chance to participate in volunteer activities in different events that are held in the university and with outside organizations.  I was even awarded an appreciation letter for participating in volunteer programs.

I also have had the opportunity to work as a student support representative with the Media Department at FXUA as an assistant designer. Although it has been challenging for me to balance my studies with my job, the friendly and encouraging learning atmosphere helps to support me in my academics and also in my career goals. I have more confidence in my chosen profession than ever before.  It is an honor to learn along with such a great blend of brilliant minds from all corners of the globe.


Munish Verma
Alumni, MS in Information Systems