Mourya Yarramaneni
Mourya Yarramaneni

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering in India. I came to realize that organization and planning enables anyone to achieve their desired outcome. This thought motivated me to gain a master’s degree in Business Administration. I worked as a Quality Analyst for a year and recognized that to keep up with emerging trends I needed to study information technology. I created a list of goals when I decided to pursue my master’s degree in the US. I started searching for the universities on the internet and found that FXUA is a place where I can gain knowledge and exposure to achieve my goals.

The most interesting thing about FXUA is its diversified culture that can be seen in every aspect of the campus. FXUA has students and professors from all over the world and provided a place where I received the chance to interact with people in a diversified working environment. These interactions enabled me to know how people from other countries think, their work style, and how they learn new techniques. Because of my experiences at FXUA, I see myself as a better person with positive attitude.

FXUA not only encourages its students in their academics but also in various extra-curricular activities which enables you to grow. By studying at FXUA and living in America my perception towards life has changed in a very positive way.

While at FXUA I have received the chance to work as Graduate Teaching Assistant and was awarded a campus employment scholarship.  I am an active member of the IT club at FXUA. I am also on the Dean’s list.

I recommend FXUA to students all over the world who are genuinely willing to have a career in Information Technology field because FXUA helps the students in each step that are required to reach their goals successfully.

I believe that it is essential for everyone to learn things practically rather sticking only to theories in textbooks. The professors at FXUA help students understand the importance of practical learning and encourage students to do things practically. The academic curriculum provides students with various specializations in their related fields.

Attitude and hard work will make you victorious in your pursuit of achieving and I strongly believe that I have gained knowledge, motivation, and exposure from my degree at FXUA.

Learning is a continuous process and I want to dedicate my understanding to explore new trends in the Information Technology and excel in this field by sharing my knowledge all over the world.

Mourya Yarramaneni
Alumni, MS in Computer Science