Joy Sarimakin

Joy Sarimakin

I am fortunate enough to have earned my Certificate in Project Management and a life-changing educational experience at Fairfax University of America, thanks to its high quality education and affordable rate.  I am greatly blessed for my time at this university.

FXUA gives endless opportunities to meet and work with so many young and brilliant students from all over the world.  Both the FXUA students and alumni’s personalities and cultural heritage have deeply impacted me.  Together, we have engaged in school and community events that have made us all grow.  Today, I am a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and I am looking forward to becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) in the near future, because of the help from FXUA and its family.

Prior to studying at FXUA, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Geography, and a Master’s in Disaster Risk Management.  From administrative manager to account manager, from teacher to event manager, I had already experienced so much in various fields.  My family members, in addition to my peers, professors, and colleagues, have played an important role in my educational success and these past experiences.  But because of FXUA, I have seen the world differently, as it has given me a unique perspective toward my lifetime goals.

Being in one of the most in-demand certificate programs with world-class professors in the United States is absolutely my biggest accomplishment so far.  Now, I am ready to explore the next chapter in my life.  Thank you, FXUA, for celebrating with me throughout my education!

Happiness is a decision you make every day, and thus happiness becomes a way of life.  Decide to be happy today and always.

Joy Sarimakin 
Alumni, Certificate in Project Management