Ibrahim Elnems


When I chose to attend Virginia international university, I was not planning on getting an MBA, but Fairfax University of America was so interesting that I decided to study for my MBA in Global Logistics. It is a fairly new Master’s degree at Fairfax University of America which I could not find in many other universities in the US.

FXUA also gives its students the opportunity to work on-campus. I was fortunate to get an on-campus job in the Marketing Department where I am gaining experience working with a great team. Also, there are many internship opportunities available through FXUA Career Center. That helps you not only get a great degree but also get excellent real-world experience while you are getting your degree.

What makes FXUA different? I have never seen a friendlier or more helpful staff like in FXUA. They deal with different cultures every day and make you feel like you are at home. FXUA is located in Fairfax, a very beautiful and peaceful city, just a short Metro ride away from Washington, DC!

I am so proud of having this great experience at FXUA. I cannot wait to obtain my MBA in Global Logistics and do my internship.  I am ready to work in my field!

Ibrahim Elnems
Alumni, Master of Business Administration