Chimeuma Opuwari


When choosing a graduate program, I wanted to find an environment where I have the opportunity to meet people from different countries and get to appreciate life as they do. FXUA has given me this opportunity while experiencing multicultural environment at once. I remember my first days at the university; I was quite nervous and homesick. I came to class one of those days and fear that I appeared very moody. On this day, my professor Dr. Marietta Bradinova noticed that something was not right and gave me a hug. This simple gesture made me feel at home and lifted me up. My experience shows that FXUA is a very friendly environment where a student’s concern becomes everyone’s concern. We are a big family.

I am developing stronger ties with many of my peers and I have chance to work closer with the faculty and staff members as an assistant of Library. I do not feel like I am competing to be one of the best students at FXUA, but rather like I am working together with my peers to be a better team.

FXUA is strategically located close to the nation’s capital which gives students the opportunity to get a lot of internships from renowned firms here. I feel that education is “learning to learn” and our university is the right place to do so, as you get the opportunity to learn from a very diverse population. FXUA is also very affordable, allowing you gain a great education, knowledge and experience at FXUA for a fraction of the cost of other institutions.

When I graduate from FXUA, I am planning to go back to my home country and apply all I have learned here in any organization I work for or will own in the future. One thing I can say definitively is that my future is bright because of FXUA.

Chimeuma Opuwari
Alumni, MBA in Human Resource