Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar


I am proud to say that FXUA has had a positive influence on my life. At the beginning of the year, I was looking for chance to enroll in an MBA or certificate program at FXUA. I came to the University as an international student from Mongolia, not fluent in English. FXUA offered me the opportunity to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to improve my academic writing skills. The ESL program greatly helped me to learn more about American culture and society and to build various connections at once.

One thing I like the most about FXUA is the affordable tuition rates. Students are offered flexible payment plans which are helpful for my personal finances as an international student. I also chose FXUA because of the flexibility of the course options and convenience.

I can strongly say that FXUA is a great place to study. As an international student, living far away from my home country and family, I do not always have someone to guide me through this University process, but the staff and faculty here at FXUA are outstanding. They can do so much to improve your learning, living and health environment. It makes me happy to say that FXUA has become a part of my family.

Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar
Alumni, School of Language Studies