Anudari Tsogtbayar


I am an international student from Mongolia in my first year at FXUA, and, indeed, it’s been great! The teachers and faculty at FXUA are outstanding and always willing to help us. When you apply and become a student at FXUA, it’s important to attend a New Student Orientation where you can learn much more about the University and even America.

FXUA has an Academic Collaboration with the Royal Academy in Mongolia and under the 2+2 program students have transferred out from there in order to complete their degree in America at FXUA. Before my arrival, I contacted many students by using the FXUA social pages like and was really interested in the quality of the courses. All students and especially the ones who come from Royal Academy gave me such valuable and real feedback about the university and suggested FXUA without any hesitation.The affordability, world-class professors, and location of FXUA are the best things about my university for me. Since this is my first year, I cannot wait to have the great experiences that will be waiting for me in the next academic years.

Now I am studying ESL, and I will complete a bachelor degree afterwards. I am so happy to have found my university, FXUA, and I am so blessed to get to know the many diverse cultures which make up the FXUA student body!

Anudari Tsogtbayar