Anton Onishchenko


FXUA is a great place for someone who is interested in cultural diversity, religions and thinking. It is a small place where international knowledge is concentrated and yet a big school of life.
It was always my dream to study in the United States, and to know more about the world and cultures around the globe. FXUA has made this dream possible. The diversity of visions and cultures that FXUA has will help me in my future personal and professional life. We must learn how to understand each other, no matter how different we are and this is what FXUA teaches the best.

I am working as a Graphic Design Assistant at FXUA and the benefits that the university gives to the staff are very important for me. I am benefitting from a tuition fee discount as a student staff member, and am applying for a tuition scholarship to cut the price even more. If I am awarded a scholarship, it shows that my potential and skills were recognized among the faculty and staff of FXUA, which describes me as a successful student. This helps me to move towards knowledge, but also makes me happy to believe that everything I am working towards is not in vain.

I hope to pursue a career in Project Management or to start my own business in publishing after graduating from FXUA. The knowledge I am gaining with each new course makes me more and more confident in my future success. The best memories that I have gained in my time at FXUA center around my friends and group projects. The experiences we have at FXUA are better than I can even describe. The faculty members have made every one of my days at FXUA worth living as well!

Anton Onishchenko
Alumni, MBA in International Finance