Anastasia Sudarikova


I’m from St. Petersburg, Russia, and I’m currently earning my MBA in Global Logistics at Fairfax University of America (FXUA). I’ve dreamed and always thought of studying in one of the leading international universities abroad, especially in the US. Before my arrival, I did some research on the internet and was attracted to FXUA right away, as it offers the most popular programs of study, a great location and affordable tuition. When I came to my university, it was a really fascinating place to study. I especially love our friendly environment – it made a strong impression on me, living far away from my family and friends. I have found such open-minded friends at FXUA and built a great network of people who come from different parts of the world. As a FXUA student, I am a witness to the strong and unparalleled American educational system, which leads the rest of the world! Everything here in the USA is truly admirable which makes me proud; students study hard, indeed, and have dreams, responsibilities, and goals; the faculty is committed to the real educational and career growth of the students.

After my graduation, I am planning to work in Atlanta, at Manhattan Associates, Inc which provides supply chain management and consulting services throughout the world. In order to be prepared as a good candidate for this globally recognized company, I’ve been preparing myself as a competitive individual who is an expert in the global market, community, and in my industry field.

Anastasia Sudarikova
Alumni, MBA in Global Logistics