Alisher Ahmedov
Alisher Ahmedov

My friend who graduated from FXUA recommended the university to me. After I familiarized myself with the university through its website; I was interested in the MBA program in Global Logistics as it was related to my job at the time. I was a supply chain engineer in the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Department at General Motors Uzbekistan.

I earned my master’s degree in international economic relations in Tashkent, the capitol of Uzbekistan. After the graduation, I started working in the foreign trade system for the government. While participating in foreign trade operations, I became interested in international logistics. This interest took me to the Global Supply Chain and Logistics team of a multinational company, General Motors Uzbekistan. During my time working at GM Uzbekistan, I participated in many local and international projects for the company and attended training programs at the production plants in South Korea, India, China, Poland, Germany, and the U.S. I chose to pursue an MBA in Global Logistics at FXUA to strength my knowledge in international logistics business.

FXUA gave me the opportunity to get work experience on campus as a student staff member. I participated in a special project and was accepted into the marketing department as an international marketing assistant. I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Bahceci and Ms. Serrano for this opportunity. I would also like the staff and team of FXUA; they are all friendly and kind people. There are a lot of student clubs at FXUA and I serve as the president of the Navruz Club; which represents the culture of Central Asian people. This year we organized a special Navruz holiday at FXUA.

Our distinguished professors always help students anytime they need assistance, and most have experience from government to multinational companies. They encourage students, not just to listen during the class, but to act in parallel with the professor; resulting in engaging debates and discussions during classes. Our professors motivate us to pursue our professional goals and career achievements.

There are many reasons why students should choose FXUA. First, is the location of the campus. It is located in the DC metro area and it offers the chance to experience life at the United States’ capitol. FXUA offers a truly diverse and international experience; with a large number of students representing different cultures and countries. Students are able to easily adapt to local life while surrounded by diverse faculty and staff; and have the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world.

Secondly, is the affordable high-quality education. FXUA has current, high demanding academic programs for undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and ESL courses for English learners. These programs are offered with affordable fees and flexible payment plans. FXUA offers several scholarships for students which are awarded on a variety of merits: academic excellence, career growth, special achievements, and many others. Recently, they launched a regional scholarship for prospective students which cover partial to full tuition fees.

After graduation, I will return to my previous job in the Global Supply Chain and Logistics team at General Motors Uzbekistan. I believe my degree from FXUA helps me to further career. It will assist me to better understand the American business system and global business standards in my job which is part of a multinational American company.

I made a lot of friends at FXUA from many countries, and I believe they will be great contacts in my professional and personal life. Today, the economy of Uzbekistan is increasing dramatically and integrating into world trade. We still face many problems with global logistics; as the country is landlocked and does not have access to maritime. But, due to my degree from FXUA, I will be able to work on improving logistic systems in Uzbekistan.

Alisher Ahmedov      
Alumni, MBA in Global Logistics