Nathan A. Minami: A Dynamic International Environment
Nathan A. Minami: A Dynamic International Environment

“FXUA is a vibrant community of diverse students!”
I was very interested in teaching at FXUA because of the very diverse international student body. I have designed and taught 8 courses online for FXUA in both the schools of Business and SCIS.  FXUA has allowed me to be exposed to more academic diversity than I ever imagined.

Being able to teach in both the School of Business and SCIS has broadened my own academic perspectives; having taught students from more than 25 different countries has been both professionally rewarding and extremely educational to me personally as every student brings a new cultural perspective.  Where else can you have a classroom full of students from diverse locations like Mongolia, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Jordan and the U.S. ….all at the same time?

My best memory is attending graduation this last April.  I finally got to meet many of my students face to face, and more importantly, see the joy in their faces as they received their diplomas!  That is very rewarding for a professor.  I feel that FXUA is a vibrant community of international students who are extremely positive, optimistic and determined to succeed in the modern business world while also working to break down cultural barriers and make the world a better place!  I promise to deliver timely and relevant education and to create an environment where students are free to present diverse view points while also maintaining high standards for academic rigor that will prepare students to succeed and thrive as working professionals immediately upon graduation. I see FXUA growing, becoming one of the great international universities of the world.  In the long term, FXUA will be known for producing great leaders of character who will work to make the world a better place for all countries and nationalities.

Nathan A. Minami,
Adjunct Professor
School of Business Administration
School of Computer Information Systems