Leslie Bofill, Professor
Leslie Bofill, Professor

Without a doubt, one of FXUA’s greatest assets is its diversity in student body and in faculty. I have been exposed to students from varied backgrounds. Some students are professionals seeking to advance their knowledge through FXUA’s TESOL program, other students are new to graduate work. However, one common thread among FXUA’s TESOL students is their desire to become experts in this field. You can sense their passion for this discipline (even online!). It is wonderful to see the types of teachers FXUA is leading into the classroom.


I have thoroughly enjoyed designing and facilitating courses in FXUA’s online TESOL program. As faculty, we are encouraged to use various teaching methods and tools to deliver and facilitate students’ knowledge. It is both challenging and empowering to know that what is expected from you is the best possible learning environment students can receive. It forces me to work harder to build engaging, interactive, content that is based on the important research and concepts of our field.

Although I teach online courses and live in Florida, I still feel a connection to my students, my peers, and to FXUA. There is something special about FXUA, a sense of being a part of something important that resonates even at a distance. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the FXUA TESOL program as I have learned from my students more than they know.

Leslie Bofill,