Faculty Profile: Terry Camden, EdD

Terry Camden

My teaching experiences at Fairfax University of America have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career. FXUA students bring a high level of motivation aimed at learning, understanding, and development. I see this illustrated constantly by their willingness to work at overcoming language barriers, critical questioning and inquiry, and deep practical interests in multiple business disciplines. As a fellow business professional, I find this level of enthusiasm exciting as these students enter the professional workforce or continue on with academic studies.

FXUA offers academic freedom for all, especially for the staff and faculty to design curriculum that addresses the most current and critical issues influencing the global business environment. I am encouraged by the School of Business’s constant expansion of course offerings which provide students the opportunity to become increasingly exposed to a growing number of knowledge disciplines resulting in well rounded, developed professionals ready to take the lead in the business community.

Terry Camden, EdD
School of Business