Faculty Profile: Bonnie Wolfe
Faculty Profile: Bonnie Wolfe

Teaching at FXUA is truly wonderful for so many reasons. But the very best experience is sitting in the audience during the annual graduation ceremony and watching my students receive their diplomas.

It is the student diversity at FXUA that makes the University so successful. A student can come from any country in the world, with any background, and learn. At FXUA, the student will have a chance to reach their full potential.

I admire the international students at FXUA. They have a lot of drive and ambition. It is this determination that will make them successful in the future.

I like remembering all the students I have had over the years. Many of them are now my Facebook friends and I can see where they are living in the world today, the kinds of jobs they have, and for some, photos of their spouse and their young children.

My advice is to take full advantage of your experience at FXUA. We are located minutes from Washington, DC, where there are many international organizations and opportunities to network. Meet as many people as you can while you are here. Participate in as many activities as possible. Do not waste a minute.

I want students to come to class prepared and ready to learn. We have a lot of group discussions in my classroom where we share ideas and ask questions. That is the best way to learn. The most obvious challenges are the language and the culture. In addition to that, I think many students find the open environment style of learning different from the way they studied at home.

I began teaching at FXUA in 2006. Since that time I have watched the University grow and expand. I expect FXUA will continue to grow and expand adding new areas of study both on-the-ground and online.

Bonnie Wolfe:
School of Business