Aziza Mirkhanova

Aziza Mirkhanova- Student Voices

I come from a historical town in Uzbekistan called Bukhara. Growing up in this wonderful, oriental city that was always filled with foreign tourists, I was fascinated with the English language and how it easily connects people from all over the world. I dreamt of one day learning English and teaching it. However, the path to this dream was not straightforward. My mother’s side of the family is comprised of several generations of librarians. So, I followed in the footsteps of my mother and became a librarian. I liked what I was doing but there was something missing. I had an opportunity to study English language in a language institution in the DC area and that’s how I came to learn about FXUA. However, before deciding to pursue graduate studies, I spent a few months in Turkey working with refugees and providing translation services. I came to see the increased opportunities and advantages for refugees who spoke English. This experience reinforced my intention to pursue a graduate degree at FXUA focusing on TESOL.

I am really fond of FXUA, not only for the caliber of professors and support staff but also because of such a cosmopolitan and friendly environment this university offers to students. The TESOL program in particular is outstanding, and over the past months of studying I am very proud of the knowledge I have acquired and the friendships I have built with fellow students. I feel at home at FXUA and I am happy to know that I am on the path to fulfill my dream and passion of teaching English to the most vulnerable people in the world.

Aziza Mirkhanova, Alumna, MA in TESOL