Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7
Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7

“Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7”
When I was applying to FXUA, I had so many questions! The admissions department and staff were wonderful – they patiently answered all of them and guided me through the application process. As a student, I continued to benefit from the 24 hour support, through live chat, phone and email.

. As a student staff member, I am now happy to provide the same support to others applying to FXUA Online! I love my university, and I am happy to share what I know with other students. If you have any questions, please call, e-mail or chat with us!

Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar