Ana Maylin Dy: I can study at my own pace
Ana Maylin Dy: I can study at my own pace

“Ana Maylin Dy: I can study at my own pace”
Having studied both online and on-campus courses, I can say that FXUA Online makes studying convenient and affordable. You can study anytime and anywhere. Through online courses, you can work and do your usual daily activities and study during your free time. Furthermore, the tuition rate is cheaper than the on-campus tuition, and you do not have to worry about travel or on-campus expenses. Personally, I found studying for an online course easier because I can use the time I’m saving by not traveling to school to study at my own pace.

The independence also forced me to be honest with myself in terms of whether I understood something. If something didn’t make sense to me, I just read the lesson again, or asked the instructor, who was very helpful, friendly and quick to respond. There are similarities and differences between the online and on-campus courses. It is similar since you can always interact with your teacher and classmates and still be learning the same topics and materials. But it is different because you decide when to study and do your requirements. I would recommend taking online courses, especially to those with tight schedules or from faraway places.

Ana Maylin Dy