Amine Sakhi


I am originally from Morocco. I currently work for a retail company in Texas . I finished my MBA in International Business in December 2012. I chose FXUA because it is a hub for international students where you can gain a tacit knowledge of different cultures. FXUA has shown tremendous progress over the years. As an incoming student, I transferred my credits from a state university. However, I felt and experienced that FXUA’s small class sizes enable the student to easily grasp and understand concepts.

To me, FXUA is a place for growth, a place where you can achieve your dreams by studying hard to get your degree.

My favorite FXUA memory was last year, when the Moroccan soccer team (the Lions) won the FXUA soccer tournament! My best advice for prospective students is to try to connect with current students who are currently involved in FXUA, and contact the student services office if you have questions. My advice for current students is to stay in touch with each other; it will be invaluable to your career and give you opportunities worldwide.

I would love to see FXUA grow and open new dormitories while maintaining the same excellent quality of education. I am truly proud to be a successful FXUA alumnus.

Amine Sakhi