Samiullah Samsor, MPA 2016
Samiullah Samsor, MPA 2016

I graduated with my MPA (Master of Public Administration- Public Management) in 2016. Prior to my graduation, I made important networks with other young professionals at the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington, DC. The impact of my US degree in MPA changed my entire profile, frankly, the person I was before leaving changed when I returned to Kabul, Afghanistan. The values, the perception, my understanding of the world, and more specifically my technical insight toward governments and its management really changed after graduating from FXUA. During my last semester, I choose to write my thesis on the Kabul Municipality, an entity providing services for more than 6 million citizens. My thesis at FXUA made it my destiny to work for the organization. The Mayor of the Kabul Municipality asked me to send my research to him and in return, he replied with “excellent research” and an offer for me to work with him and serve the country together. To sum it all up, FXUA led me to choose the best path, learn through experience, network with professionals, research the best, and finally help me receive my dream job.

My journey to the US started with a dream to only get a degree from a US university and then return to my home country. The decision to return was already made because the conditions in Afghanistan need to be changed and change comes only with young educated leaders. I believe that I can do more for people via public sector since in third-world countries governments are most likely on the front lines for services for their people.

Working at the Kabul Municipality was really challenging for me. I’ll say it’s really hard to directly roll the ball in public sectors. Regulations, policies, and working environment are deferent in public than private sector. At my job as the deputy revenue director, my manager and I were in charge of managing 540 employees. In the absence of my manager, I am responsible for managing all these employees with good results. In the last five months, I am the Deputy and Acting General Director of the revenue department for the Kabul Municipality. I work unpaid overtime but at the same time, I am making changes, which is the expectation of my boss and the entire government in Afghanistan.

One of my friends is currently working in our embassy in Washington, DC told me that always believe in the steps of your career. Simon Sinek, who inspires me says to always work for your why. Define your why because why can lead us in the right direction.

FXUA students have the same dreams as any other student across the US and or the world. What we need to do is to think bigger, believe stronger, and follow our dreams heavier. Believe me that FXUA will give you the result you put into it. As an example, at Kabul Municipality there are people graduated from the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, Texas University, other state universities, Fulbright Scholars, and very simply, myself.

Samiullah Samsor
MPA (Master of Public Administration- Public Management) in 2016