Said Sani, MBA 2011
Said Sani, MBA 2011

My name is Said Sani and I am from Nigeria. I received my bachelor’s in computer engineering from Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan. I knew that once I graduated I wanted to further my education with a master’s degree. I came to the US and studied at Fairfax University of America and received my master’s in 2011. I choose the university because where I received my undergraduate degree from worked closely with FXUA. Several of my professors had visited and suggested that continuing my education at FXUA would benefit me. I got my first masters on International Business and second in Accounting.

The most amazing thing about FXUA is the diversity and the culture at the university. There are good relationships between the students and professors. I was introduced to different cultures, traditions, and languages because there were a lot of international students. I made friends from all around the world and even though I didn’t visit most of my friend’s home countries I learned so much about their culture, which is a great help for my current job.

My advice for the FXUA students is to come together, get to know each other, and help each other because the friendships you make here will stay with you after you graduate. Many times these friendships can evolve into business relationships. It is easier to trust someone you know and you have studied with rather than looking for a new business partner that you don’t know. This is a major benefit to study at a smaller university; you get to know everyone and become a family.

After I graduated, I saw that there was an internship opportunity in the Nigerian Embassy and I decided to apply. After my internship was done, there was a job opening for a Finance Assistant and I decided to apply for the position. I received the position and now I work at the embassy. I love my job; I feel like serving my country is the best thing I can do in my life.

I love what I do so I would like to become a career diplomat. I want to be involved in politics and diplomacy; I want to make difference for my country. I want to contribute to the prosperity of my country, work towards providing higher living standards, better education, and job opportunities by representing my country abroad and bringing opportunities back home.

Said Sani
MBA International Business Management 2011
Finance Assistant at the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington DC