Nanda K. Gollu, MCS 2015
Nanda K. Gollu, MCS 2015

Don’t avoid something because you think it is “too hard” until you’ve tried it for long enough to know for sure.

The FXUA experience was a novel one, an extremely satisfying voyage loaded with good and bad times, yet with an extraordinary result. Learning at FXUA was the initial move toward accomplishment, as acquiring my MS in Computer Science cleared the path for me. In every class I was developing my technical and interpersonal skills, getting more exposure to real-life situations, and preparing myself for the job market.

Q: Where are you working now, and what position or job responsibilities do you have?
A: I am currently working on a federal project with the Department of Education as a SharePoint administrator. My responsibilities include installing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing a SharePoint server farm.

The company deals with configuring all service applications like search, metadata, user profile synchronization, and creation of a content database that involves maintenance of various logging databases in SQL Server. Compressing of logging databases is also done by SharePoint administrators since they grow in size considerably. I also assign proper permission levels for all users of the site as well as configure anonymous access as required.

Q: As a graduate, what advice would you like to convey to all the current students of FXUA?
A: Don’t be hesitant about being curious.  Ask questions.  Try things.  Learn new ideas. Add new skills.  Don’t ever stop asking “Why?” and “How?”  Take electives that aren’t required.  It is important to learn your limits (and expand them), as well as to learn what you like to do and don’t like to do.  Don’t avoid something because you think it is “too hard” until you’ve tried it for long enough to know for sure.

Q: Finally, could you share a memorable moment from your FXUA life with us?
A: For me, it’s not a matter of one single great memory that stands out.  My best memories from FXUA are those of deep technology discussions, both inside and outside the classroom, such as those with my professors and with my friends. Another memorable moment was serving as the Student Union President in the year 2014-2015. Helping and solving student issues and organizing welcome parties for the new students was a wonderful experience.

Nanda K. Gollu
MS in Computer Science, 2015
SharePoint Administrator
Avian Tek Columbia, MD