Diana Gogoshvili, MBA 2015
Diana Gogoshvili, MBA 2015

I came to the United States for the first time with my mother when I was 17. I was surprised by the international culture here and people’s attitudes towards each other. After my initial visit, I had a dream to study and earn my master’s degree in the US. Fairfax University of America attracted me because of its affordable tuition, great location, and diversity. It also offered my desired MBA program with an International Business Management concentration. My overall experience at FXUA was very positive and interesting; it gave me best friends, interesting classes, and a great education.

Following my studies at Fairfax University of America, in December of 2015 I started looking for a job. My major goal was to find a position within the business, hotel management, marketing, or insurance fields. In February 2016, I joined an insurance agency called Prestige Insurance Services as a customer service representative. Recently, I was promoted to Account Manager. One of my main responsibilities is to provide customers with the most appropriate insurance plan and make sure they fully understand the coverages. In addition to this, I foresee the possibility of risks in each case and help clients make a claim in the event of any loss. The most important part for me is to be helpful to our customers and meet their expectations. The biggest advantage to this position is getting to work with a diverse group of customers, all of which represent different nationalities and cultures. At work, I speak both Russian and English to our clients.

My education at FXUA helped me improve my communication skills, which is an essential requirement for every job seeker in the United States. Secondly, by conducting various kinds of research at school, I gained valuable skills and knowledge for my future work in business. I also had the chance to participate in different events and activities at FXUA, which encouraged me to meet with students from different countries and learn from their perspectives.

I urge future graduates to start thinking about their career paths in advance. It is very important to start gaining experience through internships while you are studying. Volunteer at FXUA and outside of school; it motivates you to get outside of your comfort zone and gain life experiences.

Diana Gogoshvili
MBA in International Business Management 2015
Prestige Insurance Services, Virginia